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Since 1996 PTI customers have consumed over 36.8 million Complete Thymic Formula captabs!.

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Ramona L. Jones, C.N.C.

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Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula
Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula® 
and Vitamin/Mineral Complex
This remarkable product combines comprehensive nutrition with herbal and glandular factors to form a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support.  Formulated by a nutritional pioneer, this all natural formula is perfectly balanced with nutrients that are known to bolster your body's natural defense system.
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Essential Digestion
Dr. Burgstiner's Essential Digestion™
Vegetable Based Digestive Enzymes with Herbs and FOS
Dr. Burgstiner’s Essential Digestion™ (Vegetarian Blend) contains a unique blend of acid resistant plant enzymes, herbs and other nutrients. It offers maximum support to prevent or alleviate the problems associated with enzyme depletion. It is designed to provide complete digestive support that may eliminate the need for using antacids and acid blockers, while increasing the absorption of vital nutrients. Essential Digestion™ is a natural and powerful complement to Complete Thymic Formula®. The potent combination of these nutrients provides a natural stimulation of the body’s own digestive capacity, resulting in improved digestion and overall health.
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Essential Flora


Dr. Burgstiner's Essential Flora™
Super Potency Probiotic Cultures
Dr. Burgstiner’s Essential Flora™ is the most potent and advanced probiotic supplement now available. It contains sixteen different strains of the most effective and well-researched beneficial microorganisms needed by the human body. Resident and transient strains of compatible flora are stabilized and perfectly blended in natural proportion (unlike other broad-spectrum formulas) to produce a uniquely powerful immune system supplement. While most “High Potency” probiotic products contain only 1 to 5 billion viable cells per capsule, Essential Flora™ offers 15 BILLION active cultures per vegetable cap – guaranteed through the expiration date!
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Liver CS Plus








90 capsules
     1 capsule 3 times a day 


															Essential Omegas



90 Softgels
Suggested dose: 2-4 per day





Dr. Burgstiner's Liver C/S Plus™
Herbs and Nutrients to Cleanse and Support the Liver
Dr. Burgstiner’s Liver C/S Plus™ is a synergistic blend of herbs and nutrients that is designed to cleanse / support the liver and encourage regeneration of liver tissue. No other liver formulation has ever combined the ancient knowledge of traditional, Chinese and Ayurvedic liver herbs together with the restorative power of organic liver extract. Liver C/S Plus™ is further enhanced with select lipotropic factors that are known to nourish the liver and dramatically enhance the absorption of vital nutrients. Liver C/S Plus™ delivers unparalleled support for the liver, spleen, pancreas and other digestive organs.
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Bone and Heart Health... and Much More!

MagnifiCal™ is a revolutionary mineral and herbal complex that is designed to provide multi-dimensional support for the body. In addition to providing calcium, magnesium and other nutrients that are critical to healthy muscle function (including our most important muscle, the heart), MagnifiCal provides outstanding support for strong bones and teeth. Most importantly, MagnifiCal contains nutrients that are known to support the transport and utilization of calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone where it belongs.

Thinning of bones (demineralization) and corresponding calcification of soft tissues is one of the benchmarks of the aging process. The leaching of calcium and other minerals from the bones in order to maintain blood pH and neutralize acid wastes catches up with us in the form of osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), hormonal imbalances and a multitude of other ailments.

The need for magnesium and calcium supplementation is well established today, but typical Cal/Mag products (with their poorly absorbed mineral forms presented in the wrong ratios) are woefully inadequate. In fact, long term consumption of excessive calcium (especially in relation to magnesium) can lead to a buildup in the urinary tract and gall bladder (kidney and gall stones). Rather than introducing massive quantities of poorly absorbed calcium into the body in hopes of it being assimilated and properly excreted (which is what modern and even alternative medicine is doing), MagnifiCal seeks to regulate calcium metabolism itself. Therefore, those who understand how the body uses bone minerals to regulate various body systems recognize Magnifical as the ultimate anti-aging formula!

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Essential Omegas™
State of the Art Blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9

Essential Omegas is a state of the art blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from cold expeller-pressed flax, borage and safflower oils and deep sea, cold water molecularly distilled fish oil. This cutting edge formulation is a balanced blend of essential nutritional fats that are critical to life, from maintaining cell structural integrity to cellular communication and energy production. Essential omega fats such as DHA, ALA, EPA and GLA greatly reduce inflammation in the body by moderating the release of inflammatory cytokines. Omegas benefit cardiovascular health by helping to reduce cholesterol levels and by inhibiting the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. They also naturally thin the blood by reducing platelet aggregation (clumping together of red blood cells).

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PTI Wellness Protocol
Dr. Burgstiner's Original Complete Thymic Formula
Essential Digestion  
Essential Flora
Essential Omegas 
 Liver CS Plus • MagnifiCal


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