Complete Thymic Formula™ Product Specifications

Dr. Burgstiner’s Original Complete Thymic Formula™ offers the body a comprehensive and

wholesome foundation of food based nutritional support while making available factors that are

known to strengthen and balance immune function. Formulated by nutritional pioneer Carson

Burgstiner, MD and anchoring the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, this ultimate wellness

formula combines holistic nutrient support with glandular therapy for the thymus, the master

gland of immunity.


Supporting the thymus gland nourishes and strengthens the body’s natural defense system by

influencing the number and specific function of T-cells. Hormones secreted by the thymus gland

play a central role in immune regulation. They are responsible for imparting the memory

component to immune cells, enabling them to recognize and destroy viruses and harmful

microbes. Lower thymic hormone levels in the blood are associated with depressed immunity

and are typical of the elderly, individuals with chronic infections, auto-immune disorders, cancer

and AIDS patients. People who have undergone radiation, chemotherapy or other immune

suppressing treatments also typically have low thymus function.


There are many ways to support immune function, but none as foundational as glandular

therapy for the thymus. Not only does it provide gland-specific nutrients, but it appears to make

available vital information encoded in the RNA and DNA of the glandular materials that simply

cannot be transmitted in any other way. Add to that in one delivery system the whole food based

vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that serve to activate cellular metabolism

and you have a supplement with the potential to profoundly impact the quality of human life!


Like all Logos products, Complete Thymic Formula is manufactured under pharmaceutical

conditions with premium grade nutrients, and uses advanced assimilation technology to assure

maximum absorption. With the Logos Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing

to lose but misery and frustration, so try a bottle of Complete Thymic Formula today!


What satisfied customers are saying about Complete Thymic Formula:

"In my 26 years of practice I have yet to come across a multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplement

that directly impacts the immune system like Complete Thymic Formula does. There simply is

nothing on the market that is comparable." - Dr. Philip Princetta


Complete Thymic Formula has enormously benefited my patients with psoriasis. One

particularly difficult case showed 90% improvement in just three months with the Thymic

Formula alone! I am thankful for having been introduced to this product. Don Warren, ND –

Ottawa, Canada


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