Co Q 10 - Coenzyme for Longevity, More Energy and Less Chronic Fatigue

Ubinol Co Q 10 is a coenzyme for longevity, more energy and less chronic fatigue that is vital to cellular energy production. Each gelcap of Ubinol Coenzyme Q 10 contains 50 mg of pure high absorption ubiquinol that is ready to energize your cells, reduce chronic fatigue and increase longevity, and revitalize you with more energy. We are pleased to announce that our Ubinol, the highest absorption form of CoQ10 in the world, is now even more efficient!





Ubinol™ CoQ10 Product Specifications


Much has been made of the critical support role that Coenzyme Q10 plays in cellular energy production

and therefore in cardiology and anti-aging medicine. So fundamental is it to our metabolism that once

discovered, it was named ubiquinone which literally means "occuring everywhere".


Though it is present in every cell of the body, it is especially concentrated in the very active cells of the

heart. CoQ10 neutralizes free radicals and is the rate limiting enzyme for cellular ATP production (the fuel

that runs cellular energy processes). As we age, our ability to efficiently process or reduce ubiquinone

gradually diminishes, especially when vital enzyme systems are compromised by the use of cholesterol

lowering (statin) or other drugs.


Statins are known to decrease average serum CoQ10 levels by 40% (which is why they are so

destructive to liver, muscle, gastrointestinal and brain function). Since statins are now the top selling

category of pharmaceuticals worldwide, it is no wonder that CoQ10 (the natural antidote to most of their

horrible side effects) is one of the top five most popular supplements. However, most people are unaware

that not only is CoQ10 very poorly absorbed, in order for the body to put ubiquinone to work, it must be

converted to its fully reduced form called ubiquinol.


In other words, Not all CoQ10 Supplements are the Same!


A mountain of research has been done in recent years in an effort to improve the absorption potential of

CoQ10. Many different approaches have been tried to overcome ubiquinone's poor absorption problem,

as researchers found that increasing the dose only further decreased its absorption rate. Then the

breakthrough came… Researchers in Japan found that ubiquinol is up to eight times more effective

than ubiquinone in achieving equivalent serum CoQ10 levels. That means 50mg of ubiquinol may pack

the same therapeutic punch of up to 400 mg of regular CoQ10!


Each gelcap of Ubinol CoQ10 contains 50 mg of pure high absorption ubiquinol that is ready to energize

your cells and revitalize your metabolism.



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